High Pagerank Backlinks

The high pagerank backlinks are the best value package. This package gives you links from URLs that have a Google Page Rank of 5 or higher. We place these links via link building such as blog commenting.

Our links are placed on actual Page Rank 5 or higher pages. Many other companies place links on domains that have a PR of 5+ not the page there is a big difference.

Backlinks with high Page Rank pass more what is called link juice and this will help your website rank higher in Google Organic searches.

Information About The Links

  • Anchored Keywords
  • Nofollow many comments come with a nofollow attribute
  • Roughly 50% of these links will stay up for over a year



25 PR5+ Backlinks

  • 25 Backlinks
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50 PR5+ Backlinks

  • 50 Backlinks
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100 PR5+ Backlinks

  • 100 Backlinks
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200 PR5+ Backlinks

  • 200 Backlinks
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